Dee Yoga - Be strong, be flexible, feel great!
A bit about me...
My enthusiasm for yoga started 15 years ago now. I had started working in Glasgow and decided to enrol in the city centre gym.
However, in the years to follow I became side-tracked by running and other classes at the gym. Over time, the strain on my knees from the high impact exercise finally took its toll. I then decided the time was right to dedicate my exercise regime purely to yoga, with the aim of eventually teaching it to others.
In late 2008/early 2009, I started to attend classes at the Chi Yoga Centre (now The Merchant City Yoga Centre) and then in August 2009, I started my training. After completing the RYS 200+ hours with CYS Scotland, a registered yoga school with the International Organisation Yoga Alliance, I became a fully qualified Yoga Instructor.

(Photo: Julie Hanson, me and June Mitchell - Graduation August 2010)
Over the years, I have practiced yoga with some of Glasgow’s most inspiring yoga teachers including Julie Hanson, Judi Farrell, and Cathy Moran. Furthermore, I have been privileged to attend workshops given by great teachers from all over the world including David Keil, Allison Dearling, David Swenson and Kino MacGregor.

I've found that nothing keeps me in better shape, physically and mentally, than my yoga routine. Its keeps me strong, flexible and most importantly of all (other than keeping the strain off the knees), helps me to maintain a calm mind, the ultimate goal of the practice of yoga.

In recent times I have acknowledged further benefits from yoga in pregnancy and postnatally, having given birth to my daughter in October 2014. I cannot imagine what my experience would have been had I not attended a regular yoga class. With this in mind, I am now due to enhance my yoga qualification with a Yoga Alliance certified Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course in London in August/September 2015. Watch this space!